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Car Trip (Sittway - Mrauk U)


Sittway to Mrauk U (Comings & Goings)

Remark: The guests have to pay 70 USD per a day for the car service which is whether use or not.

190 USD
Sittway Airport to Jetty
15 USD
Sittway Airport to Hotel
10 USD
Sightseeing in Sittway (Half Day)
40 USD
Sightseeing in Sittway (The Whole Day)
70 USD
Hotel to Jetty
10 USD

Mrauk U

Sightseeing in Mrauk U
70 USD
Mrauk U Jetty to Hotel
5 USD for 1-2 Pax

10 USD for 3-8 Pax

Hotel to Mrauk U Jetty
5 USD for 1-2 Pax

10 USD for 3-8 Pax

Entrance Fee - 10 USD per 1 Pax
Regional Tour Guid Fee - 35 USD per a day
if the company requested for the celebrations in tours, we could manage dinner and the conerts of Rakhine traditional dances

Lark Kauk Zee Quarter, Alodawpyi Street, Mrauk U , Rakhine State, Myanmar